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Dakota Curling Supplies Spiel Discount

Dakota Curling Supplies is offering Midnight Madness Curlers a 20 percent discount on purchases.

Coming to the Midnight Madness Spiel? Do you need a new broom, slider or shoes?

Well, here’s the best deal in town. If you purchase your goods through Dakota Curling Supplies they’ll give you a 20 percent discount.

That’s right! As an extra bonus for curling with us in Vegas you’ll get a discount on curling supplies. And wait there’s more. If you order them now, you can have those supplies mailed directly to you while you are participating in the Midnight Madness Spiel!

To look through Dakota’s robust catalog, just click here and shop away.

Good Curling!


That’s right, just when you thought you would have a relatively easier time winning the Midnight Madness Sin Sity Spiel…news breaks that first place finishers Team Pustovar will be back. That’s right the Rink that ruled the ice in Las Vegas are coming back to defend their title. Are you rink-enough to take them on?

2011 SIN SITY SPIEL CHAMPS – (L to R) Duane Rutan, Nick Myers, Jeff Puleo and Paul Pustovar – Credit: Mark Dossett

As of right now, Chair Nick Kitinski says that we are almost full so don’t delay in signing up for the best curling spiel in Vegas in October!!!!

Stay tuned for more news is developing later in the week.