Las Vegas vs The World

Time to put in a new tradition along with the Continental cup. Introducing the long awaited Las Vegas Curling vs The World. Throughout the bonspiel, there will be a Las Vegas team challenging The World team. At the end of the spiel, we will determine a winner for the 2015 Las Vegas Curling vs The World!

Past Winners

Vegas Icons, 2014


The hang Over III, 2013


2013 Sin Sity Spiel

The Winners of the 2013 Sin Sity Spiel, “The Hangover III”

Sin Sity Spiel Champions 2013 - Slammin' Beavers
Sin Sity Spiel Champions 2013 - Slammin' Beavers
B-Event Winners 2013 - Cold Stone
B-Event Winners 2013 - Cold Stone
C-Event Winners 2013 - Southern Sinners
C-Event Winners 2013 - Southern Sinners


Midnight Madness, 2012


Sin Sity Spiel, 2011

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Good Curling!


That’s right, just when you thought you would have a relatively easier time winning the Midnight Madness Sin Sity Spiel…news breaks that first place finishers Team Pustovar will be back. That’s right the Rink that ruled the ice in Las Vegas are coming back to defend their title. Are you rink-enough to take them on?

2011 SIN SITY SPIEL CHAMPS – (L to R) Duane Rutan, Nick Myers, Jeff Puleo and Paul Pustovar – Credit: Mark Dossett

As of right now, Chair Nick Kitinski says that we are almost full so don’t delay in signing up for the best curling spiel in Vegas in October!!!!

Stay tuned for more news is developing later in the week.




Sin Sity Spiel Announces Two Las Vegas Holiday Curling Bonspiels

Curling takes over Las Vegas Oct. 25-27



“Midnight Madness Halloween Spiel ” is Set for October 25-27, 2012  and

“The New Year’s Eve Ender” is December 29-31, 2012 

LOS ANGELES, CA – May 1, 2012 – The Sin Sity Spiel is proud to announce the dates of not one, but two upcoming Las Vegas curling bonspiels tied into the holidays of Halloween and New Year’s Eve. “The Midnight Madness Halloween Spiel” is scheduled from Thursday, October 25 to Saturday, October 27 and “The New Year’s Eve Ender” is from Saturday, December 29 to Monday, December 31, 2012. Both events will be held at the Las Vegas Ice Center, the newest home of curling in the City of Entertainment, announced Nick Kitinski, Sin Sity Spiel Chairman.

Based on the strong response from last year’s October bonspiel, the Sin Sity Spiel is once again hosting a Halloween-themed event, all during the midnight hours. Dubbed “The Midnight Madness Spiel,” teams of costumed clad curlers will compete all-night long and then party Vegas-style all day long from dawn to dusk. Teams, 24 in all, will take the ice on Thursday (10/25) tentatively starting at 7PM and the rest of the schedule will be posted soon. The cost for a four-person team is $320 for the weekend and it includes a three game guarantee, a Thursday night Pizza party and a lavish Saturday morning breakfast buffet. Hotel arrangements will soon follow and registrations are

“Sin Sity Spiel’s Halloween bonspiel was so popular last year that we knew that we had to host another and this year it is coinciding with the internationally renowned curling event, the Margarita Mix. The Margarita Mix 2012 will be taking place in the morning on the same October dates as our Halloween Spiel and we will take over the sheets at night. It’s going to be a curling ruckus like never before seen in Las Vegas with our 24 teams in town as well as their 48,” said Kitinski.

New Year’s and Curling – What Could be Better!

And if that’s not enough, we all know there is no other place to celebrate New Year’s Eve than Las Vegas and now curlers can partake in their favorite sport as they usher in 2013, curling in the “Ending The New Year’s Spiel,” Saturday, December 29 to Monday, December 31, 2012. For this year-ending bonspiel, 48 teams are being accepted and Kitinski guarantees that the championship game will finish by 6PM on New Year’s Eve, leaving plenty of time to party on the Las Vegas Strip.

Details are still coming together for “The New Year’s Eve Ender,” so please visit the website for more information at (NOTE: Times are approximate.)


-Sin Sity Spiel 2012-

2011 Results

Wondering who actually won the costume competition? Well, with so many wonderful consumes we had a tough time choosing winners… but chose we did. Here they are:

Best Team Costume prize goes to Team Potter (or should we say Team LMFAO)Best Male Costume prize goes to John TryonBest Female Costume prize goes to Raini Knaeble_________________________________________________

What fun! It’s hard to describe how enjoyable the Sin Sity Spiel was on and off the ice. The best way we know how to show it is through images and music. Enjoy this ‘firecracker’ of a Sin Sity Spiel music finale. Thanks Mark J. Dossett for capturing so many of the memorable moments with your photography.

The first day was something else with Elvis, LMFAO, One Night Stand, Fred Flinstone and curling. What to see what it was all about, check out our music video below.





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