Broom Rental

The Sin Sity Spiel organizers want you to make the most out of your Las Vegas experience. In fact, our goal is make sure you feel like you’re on a vacation when you’re a part of the Sin Sity Spiel. In order to do so, we’re offering you a service that will alleviate some of the issues commonly experienced when curling out of town. The affordable rent-a-broom program.

Rent A Curling Broom for $15

With today’s airlines charging passengers exorbitant prices for luggage fees, Sin Sity is providing a Rent-A-Broom program for $15. If you sign up for this program, you can leave your broom behind and use one of our Swivel Head brooms while you are curling. So forget the hassle and expense of bringing your broom and sign up for this service on our main registration form.

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